A 380-plus hp, Skunk2-powered beast.
Featured Elite: Ray Briones' Turbocharged CRX
Street Team Elite Ray Briones made the trip from El Paso,Texas to California earlier this year for what was likely the biggest weekend for him and his CRX. Planning to simply transport himself and his turbocharged CRX to the annual all-Honda Eibach meet and hang in Southern California for a few days, Ray's trip quickly transitioned from a casual visit to a media extravaganza. Ray's CRX, once featured in Honda Tuning magazine, was approached and captured by S3 Magazine and once again by Skunk2 for his own Street Team Elite video feature. Ray and company toured the Skunk2 facility, swooped up on their share of Skunk2 swag, and hung out with the Skunk2 staff. Check out Ray's Street Team Elite video below and take a peek at S3 Magazine's issue number 21 for even more photos and information.

Skunk2 Black Series Pro Series Intake Manifold
Skunk2 70mm Black Series Pro Series Throttle Body
Skunk2 Forged Lug Nuts
Skunk2 Black Series Oil Cap
Skunk2 Radiator Cap
Skunk2 Reservoir Covers
Skunk2 Black Series Billet Wire Cover
Skunk2 VTEC Solenoid Cover
Skunk2 Cam Seal

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In the dyno room.
In Skunk2's back lot.
CRX representation.
Ray and his CRX.
Ray's bay.
Proudly representing.
Boost is better.
Eibach meet, 2011.
Black Series Billet Oil Cap.
Street Team Elite.
No fakes here.
More Black Series.
Skunk2 Black Series Wire Cover
Clean, inside and out.