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Featured Elite: Arn Reyes' Hydrogen-Powered GS-R
When you think of today's OGs, who comes to mind? The internet celebrity with the massive post count, a join date of 2002, and a huge following of co-signers who've never actually met him? Or do you think of the guy who's been doing his own thing since before internet forum build threads? Street Team Elite member Arn Reyes doesn't need to name drop; he also didn't make a name for himself by means of any build thread. Arn's been making waves in the Honda scene for years, since the days when notoriety had more to do with what you did on the streets and on the track and less with what you did with your keyboard. Arn probably won't tell you that he's been around, and he won't claim that he's any sort of OG, but his build arguably does that for him.

Skunk2 Tuner Series Stage 2 Cams
Skunk2 K-Series Intake Manifold
Skunk2 74mm Black Series Throttle Body
Skunk2 Forged Lug Nuts
Skunk2 Billet Oil Cap
Skunk2 Radiator Cap
Skunk2 Reservoir Covers
Skunk2 Drain Plug Set
Skunk2 Silicone Radiator Hoses (Modified)

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Inside the S2 warehouse
Outside the S2 warehouse
Picture-perfect bay
S2 Lug Nuts
Eibach Meet, 2010
S2 Reservoir Covers
S2 Radiator Cap
Nisei, 2010
S2 Throttle Body
The whitest bay you've seen
S2 Intake Manifold
Representin' S2
Abunai Racing
From the rear