Aug 20th, 2010
A Little Something I've Been Working On
In the constant pursuit of pushing the limits when building a Honda, it's become a staple in the community to leave nothing untouched. Street Team member and drag racer Antwaine Hobbs did this just that to his gauge cluster. Check it out:

For a while I was itching to put some type of dash display in my car. I felt like that was the only thing missing with my setup. Looking at a stock USDM dash on a Civic is boring to me, especially when you put a lot of work everywhere else and the dash looks the same. The problem was that none were just a simple plug-n-play for Honda ECUs. Well when HRtuning told me about a new dash for the honda ECUs that was coming out, I stayed on their case until they chose me to use a prototype one. Persistence pays off! Haha!

Wel,l I love the dash...simple as that. It shows mostly everything that you would find in an AIM or Racetech dash: oil, mph, rpm, boost, and so on. The difference is that everything is customizable. Your dash can look totally different than the guy in the next lane from you and he can have the same dash. It doesn't come with a bezel (yet) so it allowed me to get a little creative since it's a prototype. It probably took a total of six hours or so, not really rushing but being patient and very meticulous. I made a cardboard template, traced it out, and then cut my material. I wanted it flush so I worked upside down where the LCD screen was on a flat surface then secured it from the back side. As you can see, there are no screws through the material.

Why did I not buy a Racetech, Racepack, or AIM? Well, for one, they cost three times as much. This dash does exactly what I need it to do and suits my needs. I wanted to support a company that wants to support Hondas...just trying to do my part in keeping this industry alive. Also, I'm not afraid to be a little different. Being different allows new ideas and helps our industry move forward a step or two. That's why I support Skunk2. They care about us, the little people who don't have much but want quality, affordable parts.

Peace, Ahobbs
Juan Reyes
[1] Aug 20th, 2010 @ 9:47 AM
it looks great and it seems pretty functional, i know its a prototype, but they should come with a shape a lil different than usual, maybe a little wider in the bottom, and the sides being a lil round to the small top portion and i'd be the first one to buy one when they come out. my 2 cents
[2] Aug 20th, 2010 @ 3:57 PM
siiick stuff right there.
[3] Aug 20th, 2010 @ 5:34 PM
This is way nasty dude. I love it!!!
[4] Aug 21st, 2010 @ 10:49 AM
Juan, I think having it shaped the way you're describing will limit where it can be installed. Nice job with this one!
[5] Aug 21st, 2010 @ 3:54 PM
Jim, your exactly right. This is a dash display but doesn't have to be where the dash is. You can install it anywhere. This is where I wanted it. Also the others have a bezel, but you pay for that bezel as well. I'm very happy with what I have. Looks cool to see it in there
[6] Sep 14th, 2010 @ 5:49 PM
nice...can u do this 4 the 91 si hb cluster,hw much?
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