The next evolution of forced induction.
KraftWerks Supercharger Kits
There’s a new supercharger company in town, and its name is KraftWerks.

“Kraft” is German for “power,” and “Werks” “means” works or “factory.” Combined, KraftWerks means "power factory” or “powerplant.” KraftWerks was formed with the sole mission of providing performance enthusiasts the best supercharger kits in the world, and backing that up with industry-leading quality, customer service, and technical support. The KraftWerks goal is to deliver amazing power that doesn’t sacrifice drivability or reliability. KraftWerks kits are designed to bolt directly on and can easily be installed with simple tools thanks to detailed instructions. Every effort is made to make sure that KraftWerks kits are pre-tuned, featuring plug-and-play tuning solutions. Simply install the kit and you’re good to go.

With the discovery of a revolutionary new supercharger that first originated in Europe—the Rotrex. It became apparent that the Rotrex was superior to any other supercharger on the market, and the opportunity to develop supercharger kits better than anything the world had seen prior was enough to the creation of great products for the performance aftermarket.

Finally, there is a forced induction solution that features the benefits of both supercharging and turbocharging but without the problems typically associated with turbocharging. Hsu's stamp of approval was a big deal, considering Skunk2 is known primarily as naturally aspirated specialists. But it didn't take much convincing for Hsu to team up with Rotrex, to begin designing kits at Group A.

Today, at the heart of every KraftWerks kit, is a Rotrex supercharger. It’s no surprise why. Rotrex units spin to higher rpm than any other supercharger. Because of their high-rpm capabilities, Rotrex units benefit from smaller compressors that operate in their most efficient ranges. And unlike other superchargers and turbochargers, Rotrex units generate very little heat, which allows for more power at equal boost levels when compared to the competition. Additionally, Rotrex units perform well both when intercooled or non-intercooled, feature integrated cooling and lubrication systems that don’t affect the engine’s systems, and make little noise. With the exception of the system’s bypass valve, Rotrex units are virtually silent. And, believe it or not, the Rotrex is actually considered “Green technology” thanks to improved cruising mileage.

In addition to KraftWerks, Rotrex units are currently being used or reviewed by other notable tuners and companies, like RUF, Koenigsegg, and Novitec, as well as by numerous vehicle manufacturers.

Visit the official KraftWerks website to learn more.