Honda Tuner: "Spoiler Alert"- Backyard Joe's Civic Hatchback Feature May 20th, 2015
With some significant changes made to his build completed, Backyard Joe has ... <more>
Featured Elite: Ben "Stunnaben" Howard Mar 22nd, 2012
Ben “Stunnaben” Howard’s no stranger to putting together a well-rounded Honda, and his latest Civic ... <more>
Featured Elite: Ejay Adriano's RHD Integra Jan 18th, 2012
In the midst of those who claim that their “builds” are completely self-inspired, there’s Ejay ... <more>
Featured Elite: Ray Briones' Turbocharged CRX Aug 22nd, 2011
Street Team Elite Ray Briones made the trip from El Paso,Texas to California earlier this year for ... <more>
Featured Elite: Loreto Garcia's "Darkside" Civic Hatchback Jul 5th, 2011
Street Team Elite and recent Super Street magazine cover car owner Loreto Garcia made ... <more>
Featured Elite: Frank "Downstar" Garcia's RHD Civic May 17th, 2011
Street Team Elite Frank Garcia's RHD Civic hatchback is no stranger to the streets of ... <more>
Featured Elite: Alex "Sheepey" Soto Mar 21st, 2011
Alex Soto. Sheepey. Heard of him? Of course you have…at least, if you're into Hondas. Check out S2's latest ... <more>
Getting Personal: Meris Motorsports Mar 9th, 2011
Honda Challenge National Champion Jonathan Meris and crew stop by Skunk2 to share more about their racing ... <more>
Featured Elite: Karl Basa's All-Motor Civic Hatchback Dec 13th, 2010
They say you should never judge a book by its cover. If Street Team Elite Karl Basa were a ... <more>
Featured Elite: Arn Reyes' Hydrogen-Powered GS-R Nov 1st, 2010
When you think of today's OGs, who comes to mind? The internet celebrity or the guy who's been ... <more>
Featured Elite: Morgan Jade's Race-Prepped CTR Oct 7th, 2010
One thing about Skunk2 is that we strive to be unique. The same goes for our Street Team Elite, ... <more>
Featured Elite: Danny Violante's K-Powered Civic Sep 16th, 2010
Street Team Elite member Danny Violante’s nitrous-fed ’92 Civic VX hatchback’s come a long ... <more>
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