Apr 30th, 2015
Not My Problem!

When a camshaft lobe wears down, people generally want to blame it on the camshaft and begin to believe that it was improperly heat treated. Improper heat treat is a possibility with camshafts made from steel and ductile-iron that must undergo a secondary heat treat process, but it is an impossible with ‘chill’ cast iron camshafts. Let me explain why.

Before I discuss ‘chill’ casting, I must first touch on metal hardening. In general, a metal is hardened when it has a fine grain structure that results from rapidly cooling the metal from a high temperature. In the case ... Read More »
Jan 9th, 2015
Dave Talks Cams - Part 4
What is an Aggressive Cam?

“The ideal cam profile would raise the valves to full lift instantly, hold them open for a specified duration and then close them instantly. The laws of physics make it impossible to achieve instantaneous valve opening and closing, but recent advancements in design technology have made it possible to open and close the valves with more area under the lift curve. By doing so, engine efficiency is improved because the valves spend less time at very low lift” –Harvey Crane

To measure how ‘aggressive’ a cam was, Harvey pioneered the idea ... Read More »
Jan 7th, 2015
Guide to Impostor Spotting
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One of my pet peeves are people that act and talk like they know a lot about cams, but in reality their knowledge is superficial and shallow. I call these people ‘impostors’. Let me teach you how to spot an impostor.

What comes out of their mouths or writing is usually something like this…
“Ever wonder why yada yada yada or have you ever noticed blah blah blah….well its because they don’t understand how…. harmonics …. valvetrain dynamics … ramp rates….jerk, snap, crackle, pop….lazy ramps….2nd and 3rd derivatives of lift.... ... Read More »
Jan 5th, 2015
Learning from the Master
Most people in the import industry would not know of Harvey J Crane Jr. or his contributions. To educate people on the man who was my guru and mentor, here is a quick primer. Harvey was born in 1931 in Hallandale Florida (near Daytona). He was the eldest son of a highly skilled self employed machinist and fabricator. By age 17 Harvey was employed as a race engine and chassis builder. In 1953, at the age of 22 he formed his own camshaft company. By 1958 he was elected as a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers. and 1963 he incorporated the Crane Engineering Company. Over the years Harve ... Read More »
Dec 30th, 2014
Impostors Beware!
If there is one area of Group-A and Skunk2’s engineering capabilities that I hold onto dearly it would be that of camshaft design. The rules of good business tell me that I shouldn’t be too concerned with the Japanese import camshaft market. It is a small nichey market that has a finicky budget minded customer base, and numerous unscrupulous camshaft manufacturer competitors present in the market place preying on the unsophisticated. The return on capital is neither impressive or quick enough to justify focusing much effort on the import camshaft market. Furthermore, the market has shown t ... Read More »
Dec 24th, 2014
This Means War
I was recently asked by someone on Facebook why we at Skunk2 have all of a sudden decided to come out with so many new camshaft designs after being dormant for so long in that space. Let me share a story with you taken from a page of Honda history that has become a classic business case study often times referred to as the Honda-Yamaha war.

In the 60's Honda emerged as the undisputed leader in the Japanese motorcycle industry. Honoring the spirit of never resting on your laurels, Honda decided to diversifying into automobiles. To reduce the risk of failure, the company deployed its ... Read More »
Dec 5th, 2014
Time To See The Wizard

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... Read More »
Apr 23rd, 2013
We Talked of Revolution
I just have to say....THE INDUSTRY IS LUCKY TO STILL HAVE US! ... Read More »
Apr 15th, 2013
See what's in the depths of Skunk2
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Over the years we've shared videos of Skunk2's owner, Dave Hsu doing all sorts of things. From eating too much during a food challenge, cooking turkey for Thanksgiving, answering enthusiasts "Hard-Hitting Questions", to touring the East Coast, there are times when you REALLY get to see the man behind the brand. This time the camera was invited into Mr. Hsu's office just before he did some "spring cleaning". Check out some of the Skunk2 prototypes, future products, one-off items, secret documents and whatever else Dave decides to knock the dust off of... ... Read More »
Apr 9th, 2013
Final Thoughts
Here are some final thoughts on coat tail riders. ... Read More »
Hi! I'm Dave, the founder of Skunk2 Racing. Except for industry folks, most people have no idea who I am because I've ... <more>
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