Dec 5th, 2014
Time To See The Wizard

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Apr 23rd, 2013
We Talked of Revolution
I just have to say....THE INDUSTRY IS LUCKY TO STILL HAVE US! ... Read More »
Apr 15th, 2013
See what's in the depths of Skunk2
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Over the years we've shared videos of Skunk2's owner, Dave Hsu doing all sorts of things. From eating too much during a food challenge, cooking turkey for Thanksgiving, answering enthusiasts "Hard-Hitting Questions", to touring the East Coast, there are times when you REALLY get to see the man behind the brand. This time the camera was invited into Mr. Hsu's office just before he did some "spring cleaning". Check out some of the Skunk2 prototypes, future products, one-off items, secret documents and whatever else Dave decides to knock the dust off of... ... Read More »
Apr 9th, 2013
Final Thoughts
Here are some final thoughts on coat tail riders. ... Read More »
Apr 4th, 2013
Lies, deceit, turmoil... Dave tells it all.
Love it or hate it, its interesting how my blog posts have always had such a polarizing effect on the readers, and evoke such passionate and visceral responses from both supporters and haters alike. Such responses tell me I'm doing something right. There is a saying, 'Stand-out or can't have both'; if putting the truth out there amidst criticisms is to 'stand-out', then I guess that's what I'm doing (and will continue to do) its fun watching the haters and Skunk denier squirm. ... Read More »
Mar 26th, 2013
A Short Explanation
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Some people are already f*ing crying that certain companies were named in my last blog. Saying things like, 'you need to be accountable' 'those companies have been around longer'...blah blah blah! Think about it...why would I make such statements if they weren't true? Some people might argue that what I am saying is 'unprofessional'...well another way of looking at it is that I just want to put it out there so somewhere out in the ... Read More »
Mar 19th, 2013
The 3 B's of...
"For more than five years I and the people that I work with have had to endure lots of BS, and have had to listen to or read about wildly unsubstantiated comments, hearsay, and innuendo made by the peanut galleries. What made things more irritating was that these slanderous/libelous comments were amplified by the haters on the internet message forums.
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Mar 12th, 2013
Are you ready?
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Wow! I can't believe its almost 2 years since I last blogged about anything. Things have been busy in a very good way.

I made up a title got your attention... but the truth is I was never gone, and it seems like these days I don't get pissed about a whole lot. However, the reality is that in the near future I will be taking a sabbatical from the day's ins and outs here at Group-A, and before I leave I thought it would be fun to fire up ... Read More »
Jun 10th, 2011
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Most of you probably wouldn’t recognize Skunk2’s owner, Dave Hsu, even if you bumped right into him. And we’re guessing you probably know very little about him other than what you read here. Perhaps this one video will sum up the man’s personality for you then…or at least partially. ... Read More »
Aug 13th, 2010
Not long after we posted up the article about the Skunk2 clone intake manifolds I received this box of stickers from a company called nofakesh* ... Read More »
Hi! I'm Dave, the founder of Skunk2 Racing. Except for industry folks, most people have no idea who I am because I've ... <more>
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