Jul 30th, 2014
As some of you may know, we've got a variety FRS/BRZ products available and on the horizon for the Scion FRS and Subaru BRZ. These may be small components, but very important when increasing horsepower and performance. Skunk2 Valve Spring and Retainer kits will be available at Skunk2.com very soon! Be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page and Instgram (@Skunk2Racing) for updates! ... Read More »
Jul 10th, 2014
"K" is the way!
Being the "Godfather's of K", nobody has more experience with the Honda/Acura K-Series than Skunk2. Our years pushing the limits of the K-Series continue to make their way into Skunk2's products, allowing racers and enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy race engineering and technology right off the shelf. Skunk2 has an exciting new product for the K-Series on the horizon, check it out!
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Jun 2nd, 2014
Broken records at IFO Seattle
Cole Marmon broke some records this weekend at IFO Seattle in the Speed Factory SFWD Coupe! Laying down a 8.42@182Mph then 8.38@181Mph. ... Read More »
May 7th, 2014
S2000 owners will be happy about this news! We're in the early stages of R for the Ultra Series Race Intake Manifold for F20C and F22C engines. It will be months before this is officially released, for now enjoy these teaser shots.

... Read More »
May 6th, 2014
Skunk2 presents the B-Series Throttle Cable Bracket for the Ultra Series Race and Street Manifold. No longer will you need to fabricate your own Throttle Bracket for race applications.

Available Here:

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May 2nd, 2014
Come join us at the 10th Annual Eibach Honda Meet Sunday May 4th, 2014

Lake Elsinore Storm
500 Diamond Drive,
Lake Elsinore, CA 92530 ... Read More »
Apr 15th, 2014
This weekend the technical sponsorship with SpeedFactory proved to be working well. They made the trip from Washington to Honda Day this past weekend with all three vehicles prepared to kick the season off with an exciting weekend. Although track conditions looked to not be ideal for a record breaking E/T, they had the right combination to do something else to wow the crowd. That "wowing" came by way of a 200mph quarter mile pass in the Outlaw Civic Hatchback. A pretty amazing achievement for not only them but also import drag racing. Believe it or not, they were able to do this with a ton of ... Read More »
Apr 2nd, 2014
We've got some new products on the way for the FRS/BRZ!

Skunk2 "PowerBox" Cold-Air Intake System:
... Read More »
Apr 1st, 2014
Power out the box.
Recently, LHT Performance did a back-to-back intake manifold test on a couple Skunk2 prodcuts. The test vehicle was an Integra with a B18C1 (GS-R) engine, Skunk2 Pro Series Intake Manifold, 12:1 compression, Skunk2 Tuner Stage 2 camshafts, Skunk2 70mm Alpha Throttlebody, Ebay Header, and ITR stock exhaust. ... Read More »
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